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Nikki was born in Sydney, Australia in 1965, and received a Jewish education, where her knowledge of Hebrew was grounded.

She then continued her studies, receiving a Diploma in Design and has recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Printmaking) at the National Art School in Sydney.

Nikki has lived and worked in Israel and maintains a strong identity with the Jewish tradition. Since returning to Australia, she has been creating unique Jewish art, integrating her traditional values within a contemporary Australian context.

"My work is functional and decorative and, most importantly, adaptable to suit the individual taste."

A wide range of materials are used on the manuscripts; from parchment to watercolour paper; inks, gouache, watercolours; gold, copper and silver leaf. All products are used with archival consideration.

"I draw references from ancient Jewish art and artefacts and am particularly influenced by eastern style architecture and ornamentation.

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